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Hi, I’m John and this is my Best Grills blog. Are you interested to know more about grilling? Buy the right grill? Then you have found the right place! I’ll be writing Grill Reviews and discussing all about grills. I really enjoy barbecuing and I’ll be the one doing the grilling whenever there’s a trip or party with my friends. I’ve owned and tried using different grills, from gas (propane) to electric grill. Each type works quite differently but the best grills are those that cook tasty food.
Best Grills
I will be reviewing many types of outdoor grills and only the best, including the best outdoor gas grill, best charcoal grill, best electric grill, best gas grill, and best natural gas grill. All the best grills I’ve reviewed are available from Amazon.

How to Choose the Best Grills

Before you can choose the best bbq grills, you need to know the type of grills available. Here are 4 types of most common grills used:

  • Gas Grill
    Gas grills also refers to propane grill. This is a great choice if you are looking for a quick, easy, and clean grilling process. Food also tastes great, especially if you add some smoking woods.
  • Charcoal Grill
    Charcoal grill is the original stuff that got the grilling hype started. It’s still in use because the combination of wood and charcoal gives you that amazing smoked flavor.
  • Electric Grill
    I think the electric grill is useful because they heat up quickly and is convenient to use. For starters, you don’t need any fuel other than an electrical outlet. Definitely the best grills for indoor cooking.
  • Natural Gas Grill
    This is a cheap and convenient alternative. It’s cheaper than propane so even when you have to use more (you HAVE to use more because it burns with half the cooking power of propane), you still save.

Read more about each type of grill in Which Grill Is Best For You (Choosing the Best Grill). You can also find out more about grill recommendations and reviews here in my blog.

Best Grills Reviews

Here are the best grills I’ve found and reviewed:

Best Grills – How to Care for Your Best Barbecue Grills

  • Tip 1: Always Clean Your Grill Immediately after Use
  • Tip 2: Polish the Stainless Steel Parts
  • Tip 3: Disinfect Your Grill Routinely
  • Tip 4: Only Use Your Grill for Its Intended Purpose: Grilling

The detailed explanation for each tip in included in 4 Tips on How to Care for Your Grills.

Best Grills – Safety Tips

The best grilling process should be safe and accident-free. Here are 4 quick tips:

  1. Keep a fire extinguisher at reach during grilling
  2. Check the grill hoses for leakage
  3. Keep flammables away during grill
  4. Don’t leave grill unattended, even for awhile!

Read more on this in my post: 4 Grilling Safety Tips.

How to Grill Right

First of all, you’ll need quality and fresh ingredients. As to whether you should marinate or not, it’s up to you! Whatever that tastes good to you should work just fine. Then, you need the best barbeque grill and get it started/warmed up. Some can take longer (i.e. charcoal grill) while others heat up pretty easily (i.e. gas grill). Then, with a little practice, your food will turn out right. Lastly, enjoy the meal with a group of friends and a bottle of wine or a can of beer. This is my idea of a perfect weekend getaway!
Best Grills Reviews

Barbecue Terms You Should Know

  1. Direct cooking – refers to the usual grilling where food is cooked over flames. This method works well for steak, fish, and vegetable.
  2. Indirect cooking – food is cooked away from direct flame (i.e. in charcoal grill). The food cooks over an oven-like close lid cooking.
  3. Rotisserie cooking – cooking on a motorized skewer or spit. The exterior of food turns into a beautiful brown while juices are sealed in. Not all best bbq grill have a rotisserie burner.

Thank you for browsing through my blog. These best grills tips and reviews were written for you and I hope that you learned more about grills by reading the different posts. Do share them with your family and friends who love grilling, and good luck finding the best grills!

Good Toaster Oven Brands

Many people always want to know the best toaster oven in the market. However, the truth is that it is very difficult if not impossible to select a single oven that best suites the needs of everybody in the world. People have different tastes and preferences. As a result, what is best for one person might be the worst choice for another individual! For the reason, choosing the best toaster oven depends on many individual considerations.

Otherwise, here are some of the things to put in mind when shopping for good toaster oven brands.

Efficiency. Good toaster brands are simple to understand and efficient to use. Selecting a toaster oven that is energy efficient is such a good choice, as it will help you cut down your energy cost. However, you must be careful to avoid cheap and substandard toaster ovens in the market. Some of them lack efficiency features such as insulation and energy saving applications.

Warranty. Good toaster oven brand will always come with lengthy warranty period. In most cases, manufacturers give up to 12 months warranty or return period in case the gadget fails to work due to manufacturer’s fault. Therefore, when buying a good toaster oven, it is important that you look at it return period, as it will help you gauge the reliability of the gadget. The longer the warranty period, the more reliable the gadget is.

Cord length. You must always shop for toaster ovens with electric cords not less than 3.5m. Short cords are inconvenient and using cords with extension cords can as well cause fire risks in your home.

Here are some of top rated toaster ovens in the market.

1. Breville- these ovens are among the most sophisticated toaster ovens in the market. They come with programmable pre-set roasting features. It can toast breads, boil, and toast bagels. They also come with nonstick features, which help in cleaning, and its rack ejects automatically.

2. Black & decker- these are another best quality toaster oven in the market from a reputable manufacturer. They come with programmable boiling, baking, and bagel features. They have convention capacities and their racks come out as the doors open.

3. KitchenAid toaster ovens are also some of the best toaster ovens with convention features and come with nonstick features that make cleaning easier.

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Getting The Best Food Processor

Old fashion cooking adds an incredible touch to the quality of food, but we must also accept the facts that times are steadfastly changing with changes taking place in the kitchen. Unlike in the past, where people had to buy separate food processors for different task, kitchen technology and manufacturers of kitchen appliances have really transformed the outlook of the kitchen with the introduction of some top quality multiple-user food processors. The only problem is how to choose the best food processor among the wide range of food processors in the market today. To help you solve the problem, and of course save time when shopping for the best food processor in the market, here are some tips to follow.

Size- Do you want to cook for 1-3 people, 4-5 people or more. Depending on the size of the household or the people for whom you are cooking for, you can choose among the best medium sized food processors if you want to prepare food for up to six people, the small size food processor for up to three people, and the best large size food processor for more than seven people.

Power- for fast cooking, you will need to use higher power but if you plan to cook your food without a rush, you are best suited with a food processor that doesn’t use too much energy.

Versatility and other features- consider buying a food processor that is not restricted to doing one task. The market is strewn with a wide array of multitasking food processors from which you can choose one. Also, look out for features such as, warranty, safety looking features, stainless steel blades, and the size of the feed chutes or tubes.

Otherwise, here are the best food processors:

1. Philips Jamie Oliver food processor

It is one of the best food processors in the world with top quality features. With this food processor, you can prepare a wide selection of food ranging from ice cream to salad. It comes with a sturdy base and recipe from the manufacturer.

2. Morphy Richards Accents

It is another top ranked food processor with thrilling features. It is also able to perform multiple tasks such as shredding, chopping, and slicing.

3. Vitamix food processor

If you are looking for a food processor that can help do multiple tasks in the kitchen, then you are better off with Vitamix food processor. It is able to handle up to fifty-kitchen tasks including, making soup, and ice cream, slicing, shredding, dicing, and blending food.

Other best brands include:

4. KitchenAid Artisan food processor

5. Black & Decker food processor

6. Cuisinart food processor

Breville Blenders- The Reliable Choice for Excellent Blending

One of the most essential requirements in any kitchen is a blender. A blender is put to various uses in the kitchen; it is used for proportionately mixing and preparing various items such as sauces, soups and drinks. People who love to have fruit juices make frequent use of blenders.

When it comes to blenders, Breville is one of the brands that a majority of the people rely on. Since several years, the brand of Breville has been striving to provide people with blenders of premium quality and their expertise extends in making not only blenders, but also various other essential appliances of the kitchen. This is what has made Breville gradually gain such immense reputation among the users of blenders and other appliances of kitchen. If you would like to know more about the excellent durability and performance of the Breville blenders, then the best way by which you can do so is by consulting various Breville blender reviews.

If you are thinking of getting a new blender for yourself, but is confused regarding which brand and variant of blender would meet all your requirements and be the best choice for you, the best option for getting rid of your confusion is by consulting the several of the blender reviews that are available in the websites and online forums. One of the which I think would be helpful for you is

Internet is easiest alternative where you would be able find the best blender reviews, and the other users at the online forums are usually friendly enough to share their experiences and guide you regarding choosing the most suitable variant of blender for yourself. It is also the case that in most of the blender reviews that you go through you would be able to find that they are Breville blender reviews assuring you of the satisfaction that comes along with bringing home a Breville blender.

Top Brands Kitchen Knives

I am sure you wish to get hold of the best of the best kitchen ware possible which you can’t do without these bare essential tools of trade. If you really do require the top notch ware i.e. – kitchen knives, then a chef knife is what you must check and hopefully opt to consider yourself buying because of its ingenuity, for its best quality materials (e.g. carbon steel), production value and as a future proof investment.

Following are the top of the top varied models / brand class of kitchen knives which come under $100 – $200 margin. Let us take a peek at the kitchen knives ratings below, shall we?

1. Global Chef’s Knife – Global produce one of the best looking, fully functional, light weight, fatigue free knives favored by many pro chefs to its credit. Perfect balance, dimpled metal handle for grip, and extremely sharp are some of the characteristic features of these. Made of cromova stainless steel, edge tapering is long when compared to other brands.

2. New West Knife-work’s Chef Knife – They are hand crafted, elegantly designed wood handles. Knife sized 9 inches. These are refined with old craftsmanship with new age modern technology tapered blade. Check the fusion-wood model specifically. Materials such are super steel and grade resin for hardwood handles are neatly incorporated for performance orientation.

3. Kershaw Shun Chef’s Knife – Japanese made and classed 8 inches in size. These knives are overlapped with 16 layers of high-carbon stainless steel. Model VG – 10 is worth checking. Materials have a non-sticky property to fend off grease, smudge easily. Handles are D – Shaped with beautiful wooden Blackwood.

4. Wusthof Classic Wide Chef’s Knife – Renowned and highly reputed company named Wusthof have been creating knives for a very long time. Knife size is about 10 inches. They are more on the thicker, heavy set built and can withstand gruesome hard usage, made up of high carbon stainless-steel. These could be used for sharpening without a sweat and preferred by many traditional chefs.

5. Henckels Five Star Chef’s Knife – German based company. Knife size is 8 inches. These knives are made out of ice hardened stainless steel material. Brutally sharp, and edges lasts for a very long time. Ergonomically designed handles comprise of polypropylene for easy gripping.

6. Sabatier Cook’s Knife – Long standing French based company. They are sized around 8 inches. They produce their knives with pure softer feel 100% carbon steel. Easy to sharp with a razor sharp edge, and they are very narrower compared to others.

Well, there you have it folks. The best make of kitchen knives and I would recommend these as they are worth the investment for long term usage. Hope this helped. Happy trails.

Are You Looking For The Best Juicers?

Are you looking for the best juicers which are enthusiastically available in the market? Here we help by telling some better suggestions though a number of models are available in the global market. Often you ask your friends, relatives, neighbours that “which is the best juice extractor 2013 in the market?” we have to choose the best juicer and with that what we are intended to do with the juicer but don’t choose an ordinary juicer.

There are four types of categorized juicers machines that are available in the market. They are as follows:

Citrus juicers: It juices only the citrus fruits. The best recommended citrus juice maker is Breville 800CPXL DIE. It is made up of cast stainless steel and with motorized citrus press. It is very simple to use. We can just use one of our fingers to press down. Read more about this juicer here – Breville juicers reviews.

Centrifugal juicer: It juices only the fruits and non-leafy vegetables. The best recommended centrifugal juicer is Kuvings NJ-9500U. It works with amazing speed. It takes very few seconds to make the 10 ounce glass of the juice.

Masticating juicer: It juices mostly the fruits and vegetables. The best recommended masticating juicer is Omega VRT 350. It gives a great and higher amount of yield from the vegetables and fruits. It is the best choice for the people who are conscious about their health.

Triturating juicer: It juices almost all types of fruits, vegetables, wheat grass, rice, greens, etc. The best recommended triturating juicer is Super angel 5500 which is made-up of stainless-steel. It operates the minimum and slow speed so that it helps in preserving the nutrients in the juices at the maximum levels. More over this Super angel 5500 is the perfect choice and best juicer, because it looks nice and stylish moreover, it gives the high yield nutrients.

Some Tips to Choose the Best Queen Air Mattress

You will be immensely benefited by the best queen air mattress for it offers the best comfort for you when it comes to portability. It serves the purpose in its entirety especially when you are on camping tours to your favorite places along with your family. Your kids would love to rest on the lovely air mattress. It is indeed true that an air mattress can assist you as a travel bed too. You can use it as a kind of guest bed at your home as well.

You might wonder what the characteristics of the best queen air mattress are. Comfort is the most important aspect of a well-made air mattress. You should feel comfortable the moment you are on it. It should be easy to use. In other words you should not find it difficult to pack and unpack. It is extremely important that it is made from a quality material. Make sure that the material used in its making allows the air mattress to last long. Durability is indeed the sole cause for the great popularity of the best air mattress.

You will have to check the factors of the time of inflation and the time of deflation when you buy an air mattress. This is because of the fact that you would like to save some time when getting your bed ready either at your home or during a camping tour. You would be glad to know that the best queen air mattress is available at an affordable price too. The members of your family including the children are guaranteed of sound sleep and absolute comfort when they get on the best air mattress. This is particularly the reason why it is being used by a large number of people worldwide. Its usability is widely acknowledged too in the recent times.

Sanyo Rice Cookers: The Best Versatile, Well Designed and Durable Rice Cookers Ever

Sanyo has a new breakthrough in kitchen appliances with the all new super deluxe rice cookers. Apart from making rice, these cooks also can cook variety of grains and other foods.

The first thing one would notice about Sanyo rice cookers is its control panel. The panel has the widest range of functions and settings, giving the cookers a lot of versatility. The button push menu lets the cook choose from three different cooking patterns (regular, sushi and soft) for white rice. They also can be set to cook porridge, haiga (Japanese rice with germ on it) or brown rice.

Time taken to cook all these rice types vary a lot, still Sanyo rice cookers are engineered to manage the heat level and optimize the time duration for which the cooker will be active. The menu panel also has a quick cook setting which reduces the soaking period. In case you want to omit rinsing of rice, you might make use of the rinse free setting.

Stainless steel rice cooker reviews say that the advanced heating technology of Sanyo rice cookers is also powered with food steaming. If you want to cook something by steaming, then you might make use of the slotted steamer tray. The panel has settings for boiling eggs and making tofu through steaming.

The 12 hour countdown timer enables the cook to do other works simultaneously. One can choose the slow cooking mode to let the cooker work of its own. All you have to do is to pour exact amount of water depending upon what is to be cooked. The inner walls are made of non-stick coated aluminum to ensure no sticking of foods to the side walls. All the cooking chambers are sealed to reduce the possibility of flavor contamination from the slow cooked foods to the rice pots. Sanyo rice cookers are easy to use. The separate bowl and lid features should make cooking enjoyable.

Coffees Around The World

You may have stared at your local coffee shop at the various types of coffee beverages there is, but you will not see some special beverages that the cafe won’t offer and your best coffee maker won’t produce. The common coffee beverages like Lattes, Cappuccino, Espresso and Iced Coffee is always a favourite to everyone.

There are 63 different types of coffee beverages around the world that you could experience coming from different cultures around the globe. Sit back and start the drooling as you read through the list of coffee beverages.

We start off with the Kopi Susu that is mostly found across Borneo south East Asia. The meaning of Kopi Susu is “milk coffee?which is normally served in a high ball glass. The basic ingredients of making this beverage are by mixing black coffee with a sweetened condensed milk, the amount of the milk is depended on the consumer.

The milk is then let stand to cool and soon sink to the bottom of the glass. Coming from a country in Borneo, a state call Perak in Malaysia brings you their famous White Coffee. The coffee bean is roasted with palm-oil margarine and is then serve with condensed milk. This drink is mostly served cold and is sometimes consumed after dinner. The drink then extended around the country, having it served in every restaurant.

Let’s move on to Europe now! If you are craving for something sweet and cold, Germany might have the perfect coffee beverage for you. The Eiskaffee, meaning the “ice cream coffee? is a popular drink in Germany. It is the combination of chilled coffee, milk, sweetener and vanilla ice cream. This drink is sometimes topped with shipped cream to add a stylish finish.

From the lovely country of Portugal serves you a drink called Galão. It is a hot drink made of espresso and foamed milk. It is usually served in a tall glass with a quarter of coffee and 3 quarters of foamed or froth milk. But when it comes to a 1 to 1 ratio, it is then call Meia De Leite which is served in a cup instead. If you wish to buy an espresso machine, make some research about the products before you make any purchase so that you will invest your money on the best espresso machines.

The Cortado drink is called as Pingo or Garoto from the people of Spain and Portugal. It is espresso mixed with a small amount of warm milk to reduce the acidity. The milk is added after the espresso before serving. The steamed milk hasn’t much foam, but baristas makes micro foam to design latte art.

Another coffee beverage offered from Portugal is the Mazagran. This long and cold coffee beverage is made with espresso, lemon and ice. Sugar is added depending on how sweet the consumer wants it to be. Rum and water is also part of this drink. The lemon in the drink gives it a little zesty taste to it which brings out the uniqueness of this drink.

There are other many well-known coffee beverages each country has to offer, but there is nothing else better than your own home brewed coffee made by that best coffee maker your mother recommended you to buy to please your caffeine craving every morning. But sometimes, a little adventure is worth the taste of different types of coffee the world has.

Suggestions for Getting Cookware Sets

Cooking equipment is needed and a reliable set could be a good purchase. Nevertheless don’t forget, on no account costly means higher quality. You have to balance between value and cost. Browse the outline and cookware set reviews 2014 in helping you to make the perfect choice.

Calphalon included an additional metal to produce the cookware. Other than copper and stainless steel, they also applied aluminum to the manufacture of the cookware. The effectiveness of heat conveyance is garnered with the copper as exterior and aluminum as core.

When thinking of buying a stainless steel cookware set, ask this question to help you find the perfect cookware. Which brand has the best cookware sets?

Cast iron cookware is probably the greatest camp cookware to buy. Camp cookware should be very sturdy since you truly need it for being realistic and usable. Do some research and the read the cast iron cookware reviews before you make a purchase.

Even if a cookware series as a whole is good, you may find components which are not as wonderful. So, realize that you may want to get a couple of separate units to complete your dream cookware set.

Stainless cooking equipment is the pick of the expert chefs and also home cooks. Stainless steel is long lasting, non-reactive, eye-catching and will let you use practically any cooking utensil.

Choosing a whole set of cookware usually helps you to save money. Furthermore, a full set means that all the pieces you own are comparable in quality, design and feel. In the case of cookware, the ideal brands available are Calphalon, Rachael Ray, Wearever and Faberware.

A nonstick griddle is an essential cooking apparatus you need in your kitchen. Some like the fact that non stick cookware is much easier to clean; some others think non-stick is better for health as you won’t need to put much oil for frying foods.

Best Natural Gas Grill – Weber 3841001 Genesis E-310 Natural Gas Grill

I don’t personally own a Weber 3841001 Genesis E-310 Natural Gas Grill but I’ve used it quite a number of times and I know what it feels like to work on this grill. Basically, this is a very good natural gas grill and designed in a very sophisticated and sleek manner. It feels great working on this grill and more importantly, food is cooked in a short period of time and tastes great.

Weber 3841001 Genesis E-310 Natural Gas Grill

Cooks evenly, great temperature control

Cooking meat and fish over this grill proved to be no problem at all. You can adjust the temperature easily, giving you full control over the cooking process. As I’ve mentioned in my Best Charcoal Grill review, cooking using charcoal requires some skill. This however, makes an amateur look like an expert!

Easy to assemble

Though I’ve not bought it myself, I’ve helped my friend assemble this grill when he first bought it. All I can say is it’s no hassle at all, despite the sophisticated look of this grill.

Flavorizer adds essential flavor to food

The flavorizer adds a distinct smokey taste to food. Whenever I use this for grilling, guests have been complimenting food cooked using this grill. Those who don’t know will think it’s the superb marinate but I know better and it’s attributed to the flavorizer bars.

Quality product for long lasting use

My friend maintains the Weber 3841001 Genesis E-310 Natural Gas Grill well and it lasts for many years now. He follows some simple grill care tips.

J. Lim commented in an Amazon review:

“So far, this is the best BBQ I have used.”

Amazon is now offering the Weber 3841001 Genesis E-310 Natural Gas Grill for $669. You can check out what other reviews say about this grill. I have also reviewed other grills like Best Priced Portable Gas Grill and Best Electric Grill. Check them out!

Best Multipurpose Electric Grill – George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Removable-Plate Grill with 5 Plates

If you are looking for a multipurpose grill, then you should consider the George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Removable-Plate Grill with 5 Plates. With tremendous positive reviews in Amazon, this grill is the choice for those who want good grilling with multiple grill functions. I call it the “smart device” because it does what other grills don’t. Here is why you should own this grill:

George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Electric Nonstick Grill

1. You have multiple cooking options

I wouldn’t go as far to say “endless” but rather, this grill gives you flexible cooking options. With the 5 removable grill plates, you can cook bake, grill, make waffles, and even paninis (I haven’t tried all). The food isn’t exactly “awesome” material but hey, if you have realistic expectations, this grill will give you reasonably good food.

2. Really easy to clean

The removable plates make it very easy for me- I just have to take them out, wipe the grease, and wash it with soapy water and sponge (for tips to care for your grill, read 4 Tips on How to Care for Your Grills).

3. Temperature control is terrific

With so many cooking options, it just makes sense that there is a varied range of temperature for cooking different food. Feel free to experiment!

4. With so many cooking functions, this grill is a bargain!

There, I said it. The George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Removable-Plate Grill with 5 Plates is a great bargain considering the many cooking options given. Buy now and you won’t regret it.

An Amazon Verified Purchase Reviewer (CapriSun) said this:

“Get this grill. If you have realistic expectations and are willing to experiment to get just the right cooking times, then I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I’m not!”

Get the George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Removable-Plate Grill from Amazon at only $96.51. I have also posted some useful tips about grills in Which Grill Is Best For You (Choosing the Best Grill) and 4 Grilling Safety Tips.

Best Electric Grill – George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill

The George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill is a fuss-free grill suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Bear in mind that using a grill indoor requires extra precaution measures, especially if you have kids and pets around (read Grilling Safety Tips).

If you are looking for more sophisticated grill, maybe you can consider Best Charcoal Grill. Nevertheless, the George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill is a great grill with big enough cooking space. Read on to find out more about this grill.

George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill

1. Heats quickly

As this is a fuss free grill, it powers up easily within minutes with an electric plug-in. Perfect for days where you don’t feel like grilling outside, you can do the same in the house with this.

2. Fits about 8 large burgers at any time

M Chang bought this grill from Amazon and commented:

“I am quite happy with the surface area, as I can easily fit 8 large burgers on at once. I live in the frozen north, so the fact that this grill will also work indoors is plus.”

If you know your grilling, a grill should give flavorful taste to food besides having large surface. This grill does both.

3. Gives seasoned meat a flavorful taste

For those who are not exactly picky about having that smoked flavor from charcoal, the George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill works just fine. I think seasoned meat (i.e. chops and chicken) taste just as great on this grill.

George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill is a reasonably priced grill. For only $91.99, you can get this from Amazon. Do so now, before the bargain ends. This is definitely the grill to buy if you want an indoor/outdoor convertible grill. It’s also easy to clean and assemble. If you prefer other types of grill, you can check out Best Outdoor Gas Grill and Best Natural Gas Grill.

Best Charcoal Grill – Weber 2005 Model 841001 22 1/2-Inch Performer Charcoal Grill With Touch and Go Propane Ignition

The Weber 2005 Model 841001 22 1/2-Inch Performer Charcoal Grill is a unique grill that combines both charcoal and propane gas. It’s an improvement from the traditional charcoal grilling process.

Weber 2005 Model 841001 22 1/2-Inch Performer Charcoal Grill

A convenient ignition system ignites the propane which in turn, heats up the charcoal. You are good to go when the coals turn white-hot. It’s designed to give your food a zesty smoked flavor without getting messy.

It is very easy to assemble

I received my package from Amazon unassembled but that’s okay because the instructions in manual are clear. Each part is neatly wrapped. All I got to do is get the propane canister and I can start grilling.

Gives a great smoked flavor to food

The charcoal element makes food extra tasty. Heat control is easy with the knobs and dials, though you need skill to master grilling with charcoal. Grilling with the Weber 2005 Model 841001 22 1/2-Inch Performer Charcoal Grill has been a delight.

No charcoal mess- grill is easy to clean

The charcoal storage bin can easily hold up to 20lb of charcoal. The ash container also keeps ashes well and makes disposal very convenient.

Plenty of space to cook

There’s plenty of space to cook steak, fish, burgers, and hot dogs. After warming up the Weber 2005 Model 841001 22 1/2-Inch Performer Charcoal Grill (which can take up to 20 minutes), you can cook generous portions of food.

B. Darby from Amazon commented:

“I have been using my Weber performer for six months and absolutely love it.”

You can read the positive reviews from other reviewers at Amazon and find that this is a grill you can invest in. For less than $350, you can own the Weber 2005 Model 841001 22 1/2-Inch Performer Charcoal Grill from Amazon. Also, consider other grill recommendations in Best Multipurpose Electric Grill and Best Natural Gas Grill.

Best Priced Portable Gas Grill – Weber 1520 Propane Gas Go-Anywhere Grill

The Weber 1520 Propane Gas Go-Anywhere Grill looks delightfully unique. It’s perfect for those getaways where you can’t bring your usual grill with you. Convenience is the biggest plus point of this grill. Surprisingly, it can fit up to 4 steaks on the grill at any one time. That’s really great because I’ve owned other portable grills but none has such generous cooking surface.

Weber 1520 Propane Gas Go-Anywhere Grill

Gives an excellent flavor to food

Using this grill, the food comes with an excellent flavor. This has to do with the brilliant Flavorizer system. It’s really easy to use – I would just add some wood chips on the metal plate and cook atop. The flavor penetrates into food easily, making a camp meal so wonderful I feel at home. Here’s a tip: keep the lid closed for even heat distribution and quicker cooking.

It is easy to clean and store

Thanks to its small size, cleaning and storage has never been a problem. As long as you follow some tips on how to care for your grill, you’ll find that the Weber 1520 Propane Gas Go-Anywhere Grill can last very long. Rust shouldn’t be a problem is you wash well and keep dry.

No charcoal or lava rock needed

As it runs on propane and uses woodchip for that extra flavor, you’ll find that using this grill is no mess. Save your charcoal grill for home use where you have more time to spare and a comfortable space for handling the mess.

Sharon Greenspan, an Amazon reviewer says:

“I’ve owned this grill for one year now and it works perfectly. Heats fast and cook well. It’s a great sized grill for an individual or for a small gathering.”

The Weber 1520 Propane Gas Go-Anywhere Grill can be bought from Amazon for only $54.70 and it ships for free! For such a reasonable price, you should get this for your away-from-home adventures. Other products you may want to check out: Best Electric Grill and Best Multipurpose Electric Grill. I have also shared some tips in Which Grill Is Best For You (Choosing the Best Grill) and 4 Grilling Safety Tips.